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Leadership Training Seminar

How Personality Style Impacts Leadership and Teams

This training seminar helps participants identify their personality strengths, removes blind spot or negative leadership patterns and reveals productive and dysfunctional team dynamics.

Participants complete the INSIGHT Inventory assessment and gain practical—often life-changing—insights about their personality and behavioral styles. They will learn the powerful and effective leadership skill of style flexing. Participants will be guided through discussion activities and skill building exercises to immediately apply what they learn. This “learn” then “do” approach helps participants:

  • gain a better understanding of their personality strengths and weaknesses
  • identify ways to use their strengths to work better with all levels of associates
  • learn the seven critical team stages and how to navigate their teams through them
  • develop skills for discussing personality related communication problems with team members
  • use strengths-based language when addressing performance problems

Training objectives

  • increase high-pay-off leadership behavior
  • improve teamwork as both leaders of teams and members of teams
  • add new just-in-time and just-when-need tools to their leadership toolbox


Leaders will learn how:

  • "good" can be the enemy of "great" when it comes to teamwork dynamics
  • teams can be effective and get much of their work done yet still be dysfunctional and perform below their capacity
  • to recognize the unique contributions of each member and build on these regularly, not just at performance appraisal time
  • personality gaps among their team’s personality traits impact their' roles and responsibilities

Leaders leave with:

  • increased understanding of how their personality impacts their team; both good and bad
  • skills for detecting and resolving personality conflicts within their teams
  • practical experience using the INSIGHT Inventory personality assessments and team-building tools to use with their teams

We pride ourselves in our capacity to fully customize all of our programs to the unique needs, challenges, and culture of your organization. When given this opportunity, we integrate the language of your organization into the presentations, infuse your company culture within the learning activities and build learning case examples that participants relate directly to. Our goal is to replicate the best practices which currently drive your talent development.

Effective Leadership Unleashes Potential!

Dr. Handley has worked with thousands of organizations using personality assessments to develop leaders, build teams, and unleash talent and potential.

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