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Organizational Development

Simply put Organizational Development is the plan and implementation of a process to improve an organization’s effectiveness. One of the core values of Organizational Development is providing opportunities for personal development to each employee or member including:

  • Improving interpersonal skills
  • Increasing personal effectiveness
  • Unleashing potential and performance

Kurt Lewin is most widely recognized as the “Father of Organizational Development.” He is also renowned for the research and development of Field Theory. Field Theory emphasizes that a person’s behavior can best be understood by studying the interaction between personality and environmental pressures.

The INSIGHT Inventory personality assessment is one of the only assessments developed using Kurt Lewin’s Field Theory. The INSIGHT Inventory expands the understanding of behavior to include the influences of the surrounding environments. This helps uncover the whole person by looking at peoples’ behavior in different settings and their range of flexibility.

Our personality assessments and team development exercises are exceptional instruments for developing people and unleashing their potential. Check out our solutions for organizational development.

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