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Train-the-Trainer Two-day Outline

DAY 1 - Understanding the INSIGHT Inventory

Morning Session

Background and History

  • Gain an overview of the developmental influences
  • Learn how INSIGHT differs from other assessments
  • Review the role of Field-Theory on INSIGHT

The Four Primary Traits

  • Scale A - Influencing (Indirect vs. Direct)
  • Scale B - Responding (Reserved vs. Outgoing)
  • Scale C - Pacing (Urgent vs. Steady)
  • Scale D - Organizing (Unstructured vs. Precise)

The Impact of Environmental Influences

  • Identify how behavior changes from situation to situation

Stress Reactions

  • Learn how different personality preferences respond to stress
  • Identify trait-related triggers and predict reactions

Afternoon Session

Flexing Guidelines

  • Quickly identifying another person’s traits
  • Flexing to deal with similar traits
  • Flexing to communicate with opposite traits

Profile Shapes

  • Interactions between traits
  • Charting teams, work groups and dyads

Learning Activities

  • Skill-building activities
  • Break out exercises
  • Structured classroom discussions

Digital Versions

  • Team Cluster Reports (team mapping)
  • Observer Feedback
  • Match Report

Targeted Training

  • Team Building
  • Sales Training
  • Talent Selection

DAY 2 – Developing Training and Coaching Skills 

Morning Session

Core Concepts

  • Use the Awareness-Understanding-Action cycle
  • Emotional intelligence and capacity to flex

Technical Manual

  • Review the norming, reliability, and validity data
  • Compare the INSIGHT Inventory statistics to other popular assessments (MBTI, DiSC, Big-5, 16-PF, etc)

Training Support Materials

  • PowerPoint® Presentation Slides
  • Skill-Building Exercises
  • Video program and online training clips
  • Break-out discussion exercises

Leadership and Individual Coaching

  • Learn to conduct coaching sessions with the INSIGHT Self, Observer Feedback and Match reports

Afternoon Session

How to Bridge with Other Assessments

  • Learn how to use the INSIGHT Inventory with other assessments, i.e. MBTI, StrengthsFinder, 16PF, Situational Leadership, etc.

Integrate INSIGHT into Existing Programs

Incorporate INSIGHT into your existing in house training programs or with popular commercial leadership training programs, i.e. Blanchard or Hershey’s Situational Leadership, Kouzes and Posner’s LSI, Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team, etc.

Practice and Role Play Key Training Skills

Get equipped to present the INSIGHT Inventory in workshops and seminars

  • Building an introduction to your program
  • Presenting the four traits
  • Explaining Work and Personal Style differences
  • Interpreting the “stress reactions”
  • Teaching the Flexing concepts
  • Interpreting Team Cluster reports


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