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New Train-the-Trainer Content & Processes

We will be unveiling several new products and processes in our Train-the-Trainer programs.

1) The eINSIGHT Online Assessment Center and Reports
Help participants get even more in-depth understanding about their strengths with the INSIGHT Inventory online reports:

  • Self-report (self-perception of strengths)
  • Observer Feedback report (others perceptions of you)
  • Team Cluster Map (overlay of team profiles)
  • Match report (comparison of two individuals and guidelines for communicating better)

2) The uncovering of trait triggers
Leadership and communication is all about avoiding the triggering of non-productive reactions in others. Our new process of spotting your own and co-workers triggers has dramatically changed the way trainers and consultants use the INSIGHT Inventory in team-building and conflict resolution sessions.
You will learn how to:

  • identify the stresses and triggers embedded in different settings and behaviors
  • uncover old emotional triggers that lead to dysfunctional communication
  • resolve conflict by resolving trait triggers between team members

3) An expanded explanation of Field Theory and Force Field Analysis
Understanding the unique features of the INSIGHT Inventory involves identifying why people change from one environment to another and why they respond to different force fields or pressures. Many people teach the INSIGHT Inventory much as they would the MBTI, DiSC, or Colors systems but that method never taps into the field-theory base of the INSIGHT Inventory. You'll learn how to get much more out of the unique features of the INSIGHT Inventory and expand the impact it can have on your training and coaching programs.

4) The focus on profile change between environments
The INSIGHT Inventory focuses on the shifts and changes people make in their personality profile while other assessments direct their attention to the shape and classification (type, code, color, name, etc.) They try to predict, we focus on understanding why and when change occurs. The program will help you:

  • Identify practical strategies for helping people understand the reasons they move away from strengths and derail their effectiveness
  • uncover the "why and how" of profile changes
  • discover how to flex their styles intentionally to improve effectiveness

You will gain so much "insight" about the INSIGHT Inventory that you'll want to add this new content to your training and coaching sessions.

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