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Team Coaching & Training

Building Strong, High Performance Teams

A complete competence and skill-based program

The athletic world knows that three processes (coaching, practice, and feedback) are the keys to improving skills. The same is true for leadership and team development. By assuming classroom training “changes” behavior is like believing people can become better athletes by listening to lectures and reading books.

This program minimizes classroom sessions and maximizes the professional coaching of leaders and team members in their “real-life” work setting. Dr. Handley uses intensive one-to-one coaching and peer feedback to identify ineffective behaviors and replace them with proven teaming strategies and skills.

Bottom line, it immediately increases the skills of all stakeholders, leaders and team members. As individuals change, teams change and ultimately a more empowered organizational culture of team work develops.

Team Development Model | Building a High Performance Team | Team CoachingThe Difference in Our Team Develpment Model | Building a High Performance Team | Team Coaching

Implementing Our Team Development Coaching | Building a High Performance Team | Team Coaching


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