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Implementing Team Coaching & Training

Customized to your team and organizational needs

The process could be as short as two to four half-day sessions targeting specific needs or as extensive as a full year of 12 one-day team building programs focusing on organizational culture change. The flexibility of the program is one of the best features.


Some teams are functioning fairly well, but may have communication problems in specific areas. Dr. Handley would facilitate the Insight Team-Functioning Assessment to identify key development needs.  He would work through selected modules the team agreed were top priority. This could be scheduled as two to four half-days or spread out over two or three weeks.


Other teams might seek an intensive team development experience and commit to several full days or to a more comprehensive re-building of their communication, functioning and culture change initiative.

Dr.  Handley may schedule three to four full days, perhaps over a period of a month or six weeks. He will work with the team either off-site or in a conference room relatively free from distractions. Typically a team would work through five or six modules with the objectives of:

  • reclassifying the mission and goal of the team
  • building stronger relationships with each other
  • learning skills to maintain their new communication patterns into the future

Time is also arranged for one-to-one private coaching sessions with individual members of the team.


Dr. Handley will conduct a phone consultation with you to determine the specific needs of your team. Based on the results, an outline with the agreed upon time frame and costs will be created and submitted to you for your approval.

Team Coaching & Training | Organizational Culture Change


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