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How the INSIGHT Team Development Model is Different

This program increases team functioning and performance using both team and individual coaching.

Building Strong, High Performance Teams is a complete competence and skill-based program. All training sessions provide critical information on how to improve team work and motivate members. Coaching sessions are one-to-one, small sub-group, and team based (working with leaders and their actual teams.) Coaching develops the skills of both the leaders and team members in their “real life” teams, thereby improving team functioning and productivity.

Focuses on skill building and behavior change, not classroom instruction
Most leadership training seminars are information intensive rather than skill-based; they operate from the faulty assumption that if only leaders could be taught more about management theory, they will leave the classroom and behave differently. Put another way, “If more is put in their heads, their feet will move in new directions.” NOT SO!

Mistaken beliefs
When assuming that classroom training “changes” behavior is like believing that people can become better golfers or skiers by listening to lectures and reading books. Yes, they might be more knowledgeable about what they “should” do, but information alone will not help them improve their current skills or stop nonproductive behaviors. These changes require professional coaching, guided practice, and immediate feedback. The athletic world knows that these three processes (coaching, practice, and feedback) are the keys to improving skills. The same is true for leadership development. This program minimizes classroom sessions and maximizes the professional coaching of leaders and team members in their “real-life” work setting.

Improved leadership skill and corporate culture change
Building Strong, High Performance Teams uses intensive one-to-one coaching and peer feedback to identify ineffective behaviors and replace them with proven teaming strategies and skills. This in-depth skill based process pays off by building a higher functioning and more productive team. It immediately increases the skills of all stakeholders, leaders and team members. As individuals change, teams change and ultimately a more empowered organizational culture of team work develops.

It’s not just about the leader; it also develops the team members
Teams only improve when the entire team is involved. When individual team leaders work in isolation to improve their leadership abilities, they can easily be sabotaged by resistant team members. Most leadership programs fail to bring about lasting change to teamwork because they don’t involve the entire team. Leaders often get discouraged and shift back to less productive, autocratic methods and training is dismissed as ineffective. Team members then cycle back to poor teaming behaviors and the investment of time and money is lost. The Building Strong, High Performance Teams program avoids this by involving team members from the start and making them part of both performance improvement and leadership development.

How is INSIGHT Team Development Model Different


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