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Insight Inventory® Sales

…understanding yourself and your customers

INSIGHT Inventory SALES is a strengths-based, positive, and easy to understand personality assessment. It has an expanded interpretive guide with an emphasis on sales and customer communication. Participants will:

  • gain in-depth knowledge about their personality styles
  • understand and appreciate their customer’s styles
  • clarify what situations are stressful and develop strategies for managing stress
  • learn to flex (adapt) their style to communicate better
  • learn to work better with their potential and current clients
  • understand their own selling style and when it works and where it doesn’t
  • build stronger, more effective customer relationships

The INSIGHT Inventory was specifically developed to be easy-to-understand and uses “conversational language.” It makes it simple for people to understand who they are and how they interact with others.¬† The Interpretive Guide gives them skills and strategies for development they can implement immediately.

INSIGHT Inventory SALES will help sales representatives:

  • Increase and close more sales
  • Improve communication with their customers
  • Understand their own selling style, identify their client’s style and adjust their approach accordingly
  • Build stronger relationships with support staff that are critical to their success

INSIGHT Inventory Sales Assessment | Sales Personality Assessment


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