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Communication Keynote Presentation

Six Social Bonding Secrets that Improve
Communication with Others

Effective communication is the key to successful leadership, teamwork, and even personal relationships. People often focus on big changes they could make and overlook the small behaviors that actually build the most important, almost unconscious connections with others.

Dr. Handley reveals the six critical social-bonding secrets that make the difference between "good" and "great" people skills.

In this keynote presentation attendees will learn:

  • How differentiating power needs of people must be accommodated
  • How to tell when people feel fully accepted and attended to
  • What people want most from team or group memberships and relationships


Attendees will leave with understanding how to:

  • Spot the cues that someone has "turned them off" (quit listening) and how to change this
  • Use the six social bonding behaviors to build loyalty
  • Select the right behaviors and use them at the right time to build connections with others

Dr Handley Grabs Audience's Attention!

60-90 minute session Fast-paced & humorous Take peolple skills from good to GREAT!

Cutomized to fit the audience


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