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Two Personality Profiles

Many assessments measure personality and behavioral characteristics. The INSIGHT Inventory is uniquely different because it emphasizes that behavior may change from one situation to another.

Insight Inventory Two Personality ProfilesParticipants are asked to describe their behavior (by completing the INSIGHT Inventory, 32-item assessment) in two different environments, work and personal (socially). They receive two personality profiles that reveal how they may change from one setting to the other.

This serves as a spring board to discuss more specific environments such as team membership, dynamics with their leaders or subordinates, family patterns, etc.

The INSIGHT Inventory helps uncover the whole person by looking at peoples’ behavior in different settings and their range of flexibility.

  • Some people are very sensitive to environmental pressures and shift their preference considerably as they move from one situation to another.
  • Other individuals are fairly resistant to pressures and stay nearly the same across different settings.

Sometimes this is good and operates as a strength and at other times it’s a sign of ineffective rigidity.

It’s so important to consider both personality profiles because they provide “insight” into the whole person, in many different situations, not just a glimpse of the person’s static personality profile.

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