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The Insight Difference

The INSIGHT Inventory is a strengths-based personality and behavioral style assessment that helps people gain in-depth insights into themselves, better understand others, and identify how to flex (adapt) their style to communicate better.

The INSIGHT Inventory was specifically developed to be easy to complete, simple to understand, and practical to apply. It uses every-day, conversational language (no codes, colors, labels, or quotients) which makes it possible for users to immediately discuss the results with each other and even with those who haven't yet taken it.

The INSIGHT Inventory is different than other assessments on the market. Instead of labeling people and trying to predict behavior, it emphasizes that behavior may change from one situation to another. Participants describe their behavior in two different environments, work and personal, and receive two profiles. It's important to consider different profiles because they provide “insight” into the whole person across various situations, not just a single glimpse of a person’s static personality profile or type.

The interpretive booklet included with the INSIGHT Inventory helps users develop skills and strategies for communicating better. Special sections about flexing one's style answer the "So what?" question with practical guidelines that can be implemented immediately to improve personal effectiveness and build stronger, more effective relationships.

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