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Conversational Language

The INSIGHT Inventory was designed to avoid labels and codes that had to be memorized or interpreted and instead uses every day terminology. This gives people positive, user-friendly terms to use when discussing their strengths with others. This is called “conversational language” because the results can be used immediately when discussing what was learned with others without the need for explanation.

No type codes, colors, EQ ratings, or catch phrases are used thus solving the problems Insight Inventory Behavioral Style Assessmentsome individuals have with these terms. With many other assessments that use colors and codes:

  • Individuals can get “hung up” on the terms and view them as labeling.
  • Some categories used to describe personality differences can be awkward.
  • Individuals can’t remember their codes and apply skills they learned.
  • Some individuals resist sharing their results because they feel stereotyped by the labels and restricted by their definitions.

Because the INSIGHT Inventory uses ever day terminology, individuals that haven’t taken it yet can still participate and feel included in conversations. Everyone immediately understands these terms; no one is left out, no one feels uncomfortable for forgetting a code, and no one has to ask what the terminology means.

The objective is to empower and include users without subjecting them to a complicated code-embedded language. Instead, they can move quickly to learning and practicing useful skills.

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