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Patrick Handley, Ph.D.

Patrick Handley Developer of The INSIGHT InventoryDr. Patrick Handley is a licensed psychologist and personality assessment expert. As both founder and director of the Insight Institute, Inc., an organization dedicated to helping people integrate their personality strengths into their work and personal relationships, Dr. Handley specializes in researching and developing customized personality tests, behavioral feedback questionnaires, and leadership assessments.

Although the Insight Institute creates and publishes training and educational materials for use by organizations, trainers, consultants and educators, Dr. Handley's most widely recognized product remains the INSIGHT Inventory, a strengths-based personality assessment which now celebrates its 30th Anniversary. In addition to the INSIGHT Inventory, Dr. Handley has also created, with Linda Parelli, the Parelli Humanality Assessment to help people understand themselves and others and with Dr. Frank Lawlis, a specialized couples version for Match.com. Dr. Handley excels at the process of envisioning new, positive assessments, constructing the test items, researching the reliability and validity of the traits, and authoring practical, user-friendly report content.

While getting his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology, Dr. Handley's primary area of study was personality assessment and organizational development. After graduating, Dr. Handley was on the faculty at Virginia Polytechnic, State University, and the University of Missouri at Kansas City where he taught graduate level courses in personality assessment and personality theory. Prior to creating his own company, he was a training director and leadership coach at First National Bank of Kansas City. This position allowed him the opportunity to apply his graduate studies in a business setting.

In his over 32 years of organizational consulting, Dr. Handley has helped numerous companies use personality assessments to identify leadership potential, build teams, and develop employee talent and potential. Most recently he has used his academic and work experience to create the innovative and powerful electronic versions of the INSIGHT Inventory. Dr. Handley views the development of any world-class assessment as an ongoing process, and regularly updates and norms the INSIGHT Inventory to ensure that it meets the highest, most rigorous academic standards.

Dr. Handley personally manages all the reliability and validity research, factor analysis of test items, and norming of population samples. His goal is to apply the best in scientific test research when constructing assessments and reports. The objective is to use positive, strengths-based language to help people better understand themselves and improve their communication, leadership, and relationships at work and socially.


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